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    "Kripya CentralStage: Unleashing Industry 4.0 Excellence – Real-time Monitoring, Data-Driven Insights, and Seamless Shopfloor Digitization for Maximum Productivity."

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    KRIPYA CentralStage

    "Empower Your Manufacturing Future: Elevate Efficiency, Embrace Excellence, and Achieve Next-Gen Digital Transformation with Kripya CentralStage – Your Gateway to Real-Time Machine Mastery in the World of MES Innovation."

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    Industry 4.0 IoT Automation

    "Unleash the Power of Industry Evolution: Amplify Productivity, Embrace Precision, and Pioneer Next-Gen Digital Advancement with Kripya CentralHub – Your Portal to Real-Time Manufacturing Mastery in the Era of MES Revolution."

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Digital Revolution

Your Gateway to Industry 4.0 Excellence. Real-time monitoring, data-driven insights, and seamless shopfloor digitization for maximum productivity. Experience the power of our SaaS-based Industrial 4.0 solution across Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom, Retail, and more. Elevate visibility, monitor processes, and customize applications to transform your shop floor activities.

With CentralStage


Kripya CentralStage


  1. OEE
  2. Downtime Tracking
  3. Predictive Maintenance
  4. Energy Monitoring
  5. Digital SPC


  1. Production Planning & Tracking
  2. Quality Check
  3. Genealogy and Traceability
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Dispatch Management


  1. Safety Monitoring/ Hazard Area alert 
  2. Overtime Alerts
  3. Resource Allocation
  4. Overtime Management
  5. Employee Accountability
IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) connects devices for data exchange. Kripya CentralStage aids shopfloor digitization by integrating IoT devices, enabling real-time monitoring, and data analysis. It enhances efficiency, collaboration, and innovation, utilizing IoT to optimize manufacturing processes, predict maintenance needs, and drive Industry 4.0 advancements for a smarter, more responsive production environment.
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CentralStage Smart Factory Suite Modules
Kripya CentralStage transforms shopfloor operations with features like real-time Production Monitoring, Quality Management, and Inventory Tracking. It streamlines Work Order Management, oversees Asset and Energy Management, ensures Traceability and Genealogy, and integrates with MES/MOM systems. Labor and Machine Tracking, Workflow Automation, and Mobile Accessibility optimize efficiency. The platform supports compliance and audit trails while integrating with IIoT devices for data-driven insights, making it a comprehensive solution for digitization and innovation in manufacturing processes.
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MES - Manufacturing Execution System
In the digital era, MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is instrumental in revolutionizing industries. By providing real-time insights, optimizing production processes, and ensuring regulatory compliance, MES enhances operational efficiency. Seamlessly integrating with modern technologies, MES empowers businesses to stay agile, improve product quality, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the digital age.
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