Business Requirement overview ​

A shaft manufacturer from India wanted to improve and efficiently monitor their production process by implementing Industry 4.0 technologies. They aimed to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of their products. In short, their immediate requirement was a Process Traceability Solution.   

Kripya Centerstage had the solutions that best fitted the customers’ requirements. The Centerstage platform is a powerful Industry 4.0 Smart Factory solution that incorporates advanced AI/ ML technologies combined with IoT & Analytics enabling end-end digitization of the shop floor.  


The manufacturer implemented Kripya Centerstage Industry 4.0 in their facility with a motive to improve the overall efficiency of their shop floor for more than a year now. To achieve the desired result,  


Centerstage connected and digitized 65 machines, devices, and systems, with IoT Hardware & Software resulting in real-time monitoring of production processes 

Installed 40 barcode scanners to enable traceability at every process level

With Smart Factory, we attached the energy meters and other sensors to machines for enabling real-time machine and tool monitoring


The implementation of the smart factory resulted in several benefits for the shaft manufacturer. These include:

Improved Productivity

The smart factory enabled the manufacturer to reduce downtime and optimize production processes. 

Cost Savings 

The use of analytics improved resource utilization, resulting in significant cost savings. 

Tool Life

The customer optimized tool usage, reduced tool replacement costs, and increased the tool life span. 

Process Traceability 

The real-time monitoring and control of production processes enabled the manufacturer to identify and address issues in real-time, resulting in improved part cum process quality.