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Digitize your shopfloor with Kripya CentralStage

Get real-time machine data using one of India’s leading IIoT platform

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Efficiently monitor your Energy consumption with CentralStage

Manage, save energy and reduce waste using our intelligent analytics

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Kripya CentralStage Capabilities

Connect any machine, any data source

Our data capturing capabilities extend to machines like Fanuc, Siemens, Legacy devices, PLCs

Centrally monitor all your plants

With the CenterStage IIoT solution, you can monitor all your plants from a single location 24/7

Highly customizable & Interactive Dashboards

We offer you completely data-driven and real-time responsive dashboards

Highly Customizable for your process

CenterStage comes across as a low-code platform, and flexible for any customizations as per clients’ needs

User-friendly interface

We provide a simple yet efficient software interface that users can easily understand and navigate through the application

Multi-device compatibility

Highly compatible with multiple devices- Mobile, Desktop or tablet

Access anywhere anytime

Operate and monitor live data from any factory location

Smart telematics for your factory

Transform your shopfloor with data driven actions

Experience IoT at lowest risk and cost in the industry

Highly affordable Industrial IoT solution with maximum benefits

ROI from 3rd month

Experience high level of productivity improvement immediately
  • Kripya Solutions presents to you an end-to-end SaaS-based Industrial 4.0 solution with CentralStage Suite.
  • Our CentralStage platform leverage IoT & AI/ML technologies that revolutionize everyday operations across verticals such as Manufacturing, Energy, Telecom, Retail, and more.
  • CentralStage helps to improve visibility, and monitor your process, and performance across your multiple plants. Through CenterStage, decision-makers can confidently review their plant’s performance and make informed decisions.
  • You can also customize applications for any of your manufacturing processes to digitize your shop floor activities.

CentralStage Smart Factory Suite Modules

Industry 4.0 - IIoT Analytics

Productivity Analysis

Compute and compare OEE target analysis by tracking the performance, Quality, and availability of your machine. Get details on what factors are causing maximum losses on your shop floor by doing the Six-big loss analysis and find the downtime occurrences & frequency with Downtime Pareto. Increase the rate of production and eliminate bottlenecks & micro-stoppages with in-depth machine analysis


Kripya CentralStage has an powerful Analytical solution that allows firms to improve their process and closely monitor the quality of the produce through its offerings - Vision / Image Processing, NLP / Text Processing, Time Series Analysis, Predictive Analytics, and Visualization (Tableau, PowerBI, Apache Superset).


Part / Process Traceability

With CentralStage, you can capture operation information at every stage, providing visibility to minimize product recalls. You can control the quality, optimize production and perform Lot (Batch)/ Part (Serial), process (VIN, Travel card), child parts, machine & assembly line traceability while also doing Sustainability tracking.

Process Traceability

Production Planning

Dynamic Schedule Planning (DSP)

Schedule and plan the production process by allocating Work Orders based on machine & resource availability. Smart tracking of production orders and manage/balance the customer-needs based on Sales SSO.

GenSet Monitoring with IIoT

Genset Analytics

  1. Mains Vs GenSet power consumption
  2. Diesel Consumption monitoring
  3. Monitor Coolant oil level status
  4. Engine oil level analytics

Energy Analytics

CentralStage continuously monitors data from the energy meters, updating the energy consumption levels in real time. Use the analytic tools to visualize the data for deeper insights including Machine level, Line/Plant level energy consumption, and Automated daily energy data collection. Get the high/low voltage and the PF lead/lag alerts.

Digital SPC

Digital SPC

With Kripya CentralStage IIoT suite, there comes a digital processing tool module with which the shopfloor manufacturers can get unparalleled data visibility and improved operator effectiveness with the help of advanced Cpk, Ppk, X-bar and R-bar charts.

Tool Life Management

Monitor, & analyze your tool usage and improve tool life with CentralStage. TLM enables you to predict & prevent tool breakage and it gives an indication for any early tool changes. Get an analysis of Part production and Quality with respect to the tool. Find out the tool per product cost analysis.


Tool Life Management
Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

Get periodic maintenance reports, and breakdown analytics (MTBF), have tighter control over parts & inventory, and do predictive analysis with our Maintenance Analytics module in CentralStage. 


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