Industry 4.0 - IIoT Analytics

Productivity Analysis (Real-time OEE)

Compute and compare OEE target analysis by tracking the Performance, Quality, and Availability of your machine

Part/ Process Traceability

With CentralStage, you can capture operation information at every stage, providing visibility to minimize product recalls. You can control the quality, optimize production and perform Lot (Batch)/ Part (Serial) traceability

Downtime & Efficiency Analytics

Get details on what factors are causing maximum losses on your shop floor by doing the Six-big loss analysis and find the downtime occurrences & frequency with Downtime Pareto.

Tool Life Monitoring (TLM)

Monitor, & analyze your tool usage and improve tool life with CentralStage. TLM enables you to detect tool breakage and it gives an indication for any early tool changes. Get an analysis of Part production and Quality with respect to tool.

Machine Analytics

Increase the rate of production and eliminate bottlenecks & micro-stoppages with in-depth machine analysis with CentralStage. With this, you can perform OEE analysis, do downtime tracking with reasoning and get utilization reports.

Maintenance Analytics

Get periodic maintenance reports, breakdown analytics (MTBF) and do predictive analysis with our Maintenance Analytics module in CenterStage.

WIP Traceability (FIFO)

Manage Work in Progress (WIP), ensure a smooth Work Order (WO) flow, track violations process, and detect batch jumps with the WIP Traceability module.