Measuring and improving production efficiency is an important consideration in the manufacturing industry. A single improvement measure may increase production output or reduce rejections and helps in generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

OEE is a key performance indicator that can help evaluate your efficiency so that you can take improvement measures to optimize your manufacturing.
It is an important performance indicator for both the management and shopfloor personnel.

It ensures the equipment capacity is utilized to its fullest and provides a good oversight of the production process so that you can identify bottlenecks and problem areas.

What is OEE?
Overall equipment effectiveness marks how effectively a production line, equipment, or other assets work considering the three main factors- Availability, Performance, and Quality.

Importance of OEE
OEE sets a benchmark on how effective your equipment is, helps identify recurring issues, and enables you to plan efficiency improvement measures to optimize your manufacturing process.


Benefits of OEE

  1. Ensures that your existing equipment is utilized to its full capacity, reducing the need for additional investment.
  2. Improve your return on investment significantly.
  3. Enables a better oversight of the production process and helps better planning, identifying issues, and measuring the effectiveness of efficiency improvement measures.
  4. Better planning and scheduling while reducing maintenance & repair costs.
  5. Improved process quality saves time & money and lowers quality rejections.
  6. Your competitiveness increases in the market.

Getting started with OEE and improving your manufacturing business

With this information in hand, you will be able to schedule better, eliminate bottlenecks, improve equipment maintenance, do preventive maintenance, increase quality yield and improve your production process.

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